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Lumbini is the birthplace of Gautama Buddha and is one of the pilgrimage destinations for the worlds’ millions of people who follow Buddhism. Lumbini is listed as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO. Our Lumbini Tour package will offer you so many things in this sacred pilgrimage site. The main attraction at the Lumbini is the Sacred Garden spread over 08 square kilometers and all the treasures possessed of the historic area. Mayadevi Shrine is located in Lumbini, which is the oldest monument of Nepal, where Mayadevi gave birth to Buddha. Here, you also can find an amazing pillar known as Ashok Stambh, which is built by Emperor Ashoka to commemorate his pilgrimage to this sacred site. To the south of this pillar, what we will find is the sacred pond where Mayadevi had taken a holy bath just before giving birth to Buddha. Along with all these things, there are other places of interest too nearby. Mainly, more than 10 countries have built their identity in their own style in temples, monasteries or stupas in Lumbini area, which is going to be another attraction there.

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Day1: Fly or drive to Lumbini. Overnight stay at a hotel in Lumbini.

Day2: Full day sightseeing of Lumbini and Kapilbastu. Overnight stay at a hotel in Lumbini.

Day3: Return back to Kathmandu.


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