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A natural miracle in the remote areas of Nepal can only be the beautiful Rara Lake. With its deep turquoise blue waters this lake is absolutely fabulous to see. A fast way to reach the lake would be by private jeep. And make an adventure to the beautiful Rara Lake. Overnighting at the Lake gives you a great opportunity to stroll around the edges and see the moon lit up the lake at night.
The Rara Lake by Jeep tour starts with a scenic drive towards Kohalpur, the views are absolutely amazing and we can stop at various points to make memorable photos. The next day we drive to Manma the headquarters of the Kalikot district. On our third day we head for our destination RaraLake. We spent the next day exploring around Rara Lake and the Rara region. After this amazing day we drive back towards Kathmandu during the next day. We basically head back in reverse as we came and the route brings back nostalgic memories.
At the seventh day we reach back in Kathmandu and end this beautiful tour.

Photo of Rara Lake by Jeep

Day 01: Kathmandu to Kohalpur (11 Hours) 
Day 02: Drive Kohalpur to Manma, headquarter of Kalikot district 
Day 03: Manma to Rara Lake via Sija and Nagma
Day 04: Full day exploring Rara Lake
Day 05: Rara Lake to Manma
Day 06: Manma to Surkhet
Day 07: Surkhet to Kathmandu
Detailed Itinerary
Day 01: Kathmandu to Kohalpur (11 Hours)
Today, we start our tour and head from Kathmandu to Kohalpur. This 11 hours comfortable drive is full of authentic Nepalese sceneries and mountain views. In the evening we reach Kohalpur and as there are many hotels in this village we can stay according to your budget. Overnight at Kohalpur. 
Day 02: Drive Kohalpur to Manma, headquarter of Kalikot district
Our drive starts early in the morning after breakfast and we drive to Manma the headquarter of the Kalikot district. The way is absolutely magical as we will drive to the Sal forest, as we get higher in altitude the air becomes fresher and the fauna and flora change completely. Overnight stay at Kohalpur.
Day 03: Manma to Rara Lake via Sija and Nagma
We depart early in the morning after our breakfast and today we will see the amazing Rara Lake. We head to Rara via Nagma, until Nagma it’s only a 20 min drive and from there the road becomes none paved until reaching the edge of the majestic Rara Lake. A road near the edge of the Karnali River brings us through the Sallaha forest and after passing Talcha airport we can park our vehicle and head for about one and half hour next to the Lake’s edge until reaching the lakeside hotel. Overnight at Rara Lake.
Day 04: Full day Exploring Rara Lake
Today we dedicate in a relaxing day on the lake. After breakfast we can take a boat ride across the Lake and witness its form and clear waters from nearby. In the afternoon we have short hike to the top of the hill from where we get the best views of the Lake. The rest of the day is free for self-exploration or relaxing near the Lake. Overnight at Rara Lake.
Day 5: Rara Lake to Manma
On day five we start to drive back to Kathmandu, using our previous route. We head back to Manma, Kalikot and stay there for the night.
Day 6: Manma to Surkhet
Instead of overnighting in Kohalpur we take a slightly different route and stay in Surkhet. If we leave early in the morning it’s possible to reach Kohalpur in the late evening. Overnight in Surkhet
Day 7: Surkhet to Kathmandu
It is same way back to Kathmandu. By option we can also drop you of in Pokhara.   


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